Kelly Witherspoon


Kelly works across the Wise Funnels team to ensure every project is managed effectively.


Kelly Witherspoon

Kelly is the Operations and Business Manager at Wise Funnels.

She works remotely from her beautiful property in Central West NSW, where she grew up and is now raising her own family. While her three young children keep her on her toes, Kelly is passionate about being a working mum and using her skill set to grow brands.

She is responsible for helping organise, plan and support our projects from start to finish. She finds great excitement in creating systems to ensure Wise Funnels runs as smoothly as possible.

Past experience

Prior to working at Wise Funnels, Kelly studied Business Administration and Management + Social Media Marketing after a career pivot away from property management. Her passion, skills and work ethic have always had her excel in fast paced organisation and project management roles.

In this role, Kelly's planning and attention to detail was vital as she was exposed to a range of different scenarios where her love of checklists and systems was developed. The level of organisation required in this fast paced and ever changing role, paved the way to her current Ops and Management role within Wise Funnels.

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Kelly Witherspoon

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