Mitch Cameron

Founder & Head Strategist

Mitch is our technical architect, seeing the whole picture and helping you achieve it.


Mitch Cameron

With over a decade of experience working with hundreds of brands developing their marketing strategies, Mitch has worked in-house, for leading digital agencies, as well as consulted with and launched a range of successful startup brands.

Wise Funnels is the combination of that expertise and desire to go deep on brands in a way the tradition agency model doesn't allow for. Specialising in the deeper strategy and paid side of advertising, Mitch loves to hep brands architect smarter strategies to achieve results that not only last but grow.

Past experience

Having worked in some of Australia's fastest growing digital agencies, Mitch has worked as the Head of Paid Search for Impressive, helping them grow from a small team of 5 to 30+ over 2 years, making Impressive one of the fastest growing digital agencies in the country at the time.

Mitch has also has founded a range of successful eCommerce brands with his partner and co-founder Tyla, including Oh My Vibes, a sexual wellness brand for women that generated over 7 million TikTok views in its first week live.