Tyla Hodgson

Brand Strategist

Tyla works closely with our team to ensure your marketing is communicating your value to your audience.


Tyla Hodgson

Tyla Hodgson is a Melbourne-based Branding Strategist and Founder. Having created Wise Funnels in 2018 with her partner Mitch, Tyla has consulted on some of Australia's most recognisable companies. Tyla has a natural talent for helping brands communicate with their audience and prides herself on her ability to bring marketing knowledge to brand growth + development.

When she isn't consulting for Wise Funnels, Tyla is also the founder of the successful eCommerce brand Oh My Vibes, which has already reached 7.8 million views on TikTok in 2021 alone.

Past experience

Before co-founding Wise Funnels, Tyla studied entrepreneurial business under some of Australia's leading business minds including Emma Issac, Naomi Simpson and Ryan Trainor. She found her passion and talent for brand strategy after working closely with a range of startups and founders who were struggling to connect with their audience.

Her experience in marketing, in part, inspired the creation of her eCommerce brand, Oh My Vibes, a women's pleasure and sexual wellness brand, after recognising the discriminatory discrepancies between advertising for male vs female pleasure products on online platforms.

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Tyla Hodgson

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